Re: BARTG PSK-40 award

Costas Krallis SV1XV <sv1xv@...>

At 18:58 15/7/2002 +0000, you wrote:

today I received my BARTAG PSK-40 award (40 confirmed DXCC
entities in PSK-31 mode). I was surprised when I saw the
award number: 14. I am sure lots of subscribers to this
list do qualify for this award.
Costas -

Congratulations. I, too, was surprised at how few BARTG PSK31-40
awards were given out. Mine (#7) was issued in May 2001. That puts
their issuance rate at about one every two months.
Thanks Steve, I had the required 40 cards by January 2002, but I had
to spend some time to sort the stack and separate all digital cards
from the SSB/CW ones.

It is strange that very few people apply, given the high level
of interest in the 070 award program - perhaps BARTG could
send some info and award pictures to K1BV for publication in his
CQ column.

73 Costas SV1XV

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