N2S Stony Point Lighthouse activation APE REPORT

Justin Mattes--KC2GIK

Well the 10-70 Repeater Assoc.'s  second activation at Stony Point LH (USA-923) has come and gone.. This time the PSK WORKED!!  The weather was absolutely perfect which is a real rarity around these parts this summer. Sunny skies and a light breeze off the Hudson welcomed our eight radio operators to the Stony Point Lighthouse. We got going strong around 11AM EDT with phone,CW and ofcourse PSK-31. The staff at "little lighthouse that could"  was absolutely WONDERFUL in helping transport our equipment upto the pavillion (those electric cars NY State has at their parks are GREAT).
According to my log I have 21 QSO's which was great considering thhe short amount of time we were up there!.The Special  Event callsign N2S really helped out. I saw a few compiments abou it fly across the screen. As for the bands they were good we got into the midwest and even the north. I would like to thank all the PODXS members who spotted us. I got home to see quite a few spots waiting in my inbox, always a great thing to see. It was nice to be on the "other side" of a QSO for a change!!! Again THANK YOU all for working us and we'll definitely be on the air again next year!!
Justin Mattes,KC2GIK

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