Ape Report W7PSK

Scotty W7PSK

Thought I sent this to 070 looks like It went to contest :(. Oh and Karen, this was in Lieu of Next week so delete the 8th (I cant get two kitchen passes in a row <GRIN> ). THANKS !!!

APE was for Whidbey Island Washington, Island County, IOTA NA-065
I was also parked at Admiralty Head lighthouse which is USA-002 for those that collect Light Houses.

I started out of the house at 6am to catch the 6:30 Ferry to Clinton on the south side of Whidbey Island. I got to Admiralty head at about 7:20am but the gate said 8AM open. Oh goody. So I ran up to the local town to see if the Hardware store was open. They since last year have started closing on Saturday (what a dumb day to close). I wanted a mounting pipe for the 4BTV as the one I had was a little short and would put the base of the antenna below my tail gate.

Got back to the Light house park and gates were open so went in and started setting up. Got the Antenna mounted but SWR was wonky but I brought my Iron Horse 20m to mount in the CB mount (I use it for my RV club). Antenna tuned fine and I got the Laptop out and connected the DC adapter. HASH like a bear on the rig. Anyone have a good DC Power supply for Laptops that doesn't make a ton of hash.

Well I called a few CQs and then got into a pattern of CQing and looking at strong stations and then disconnecting and using the laptop battery for weaker. A LOT of stations couldn't hear me. Anyway after a while I checked and they had 110v near the rest room so I decided about 10:15am to take a run up to Oak Harbor about 15m away to get a 100Ft ext cord, get some lunch and returned at 11.

Alas 0 power at that plug.

So finished up the day till 2pm when the Laptop was not going to charge enough to run without stopping for an hour to recharge so packed up and came home. Not many stations this year again but enough to qualify for those that need it.

Soon as I figure out how to make a new location on my LOTW account Ill post that. Sorry No EQSL. I will try to make a nice card for those that send direct.

Here is the contacts
01-Aug-2009 15:18 14070 BPSK WT6X 599 599 Jose CN98
01-Aug-2009 16:15 14070 BPSK N3FX 599 599 Tony FM19
01-Aug-2009 16:17 14070 BPSK KQ7W 599 599 MATT CN87
01-Aug-2009 16:28 14070 BPSK WX6Y 599 599 EDDIE EM84
01-Aug-2009 16:31 14070 BPSK K7RE 599 599 Brian DN84
01-Aug-2009 16:43 14070 BPSK K8MV/KL7 599 599 Marty BP19
01-Aug-2009 18:07 14070 BPSK K0FBV 599 599 Vic EN41
01-Aug-2009 18:13 14070 BPSK KD4LCR 599 599 Jeremy EM04
01-Aug-2009 18:14 14070 BPSK KE5LLM/7 599 599 David CN88
01-Aug-2009 18:16 14070 BPSK KB1PSP 599 599 Bette EM14
01-Aug-2009 18:24 14070 BPSK WW2PT 599 599 Paul EM11
01-Aug-2009 18:24 14070 BPSK K0ACP 599 599 Art EN41
01-Aug-2009 18:40 14070 BPSK N3FX 599 599 Tony FM19
01-Aug-2009 18:49 14070 BPSK WG5T 599 599 Bill EM15
01-Aug-2009 18:50 14070 BPSK NO8R 599 599 DELOS EN73
01-Aug-2009 19:04 14070 BPSK KC0DJB 599 599 KEITH EN07
01-Aug-2009 19:14 14070 BPSK W6QE 599 599 Milt DM13
01-Aug-2009 19:22 14070 BPSK WB8MKH 599 599 DON EN75
01-Aug-2009 19:26 14070 BPSK WB4PPW 599 599 Rich EM73
01-Aug-2009 19:37 14070 BPSK W0GLB 599 599 Gordon DM78
01-Aug-2009 19:50 14070 BPSK AA9UF 599 599 JOHN EN50
01-Aug-2009 20:20 14070 BPSK KD7RX 599 599 JERRY DN62
01-Aug-2009 20:22 14070 BPSK WQ9Z 599 599 ROY EM58
01-Aug-2009 20:30 14070 BPSK N0IBT 599 599 Dave DM79

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