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Justin Mattes--KC2GIK

Steve hit the nail  right on the hail the problem is going to be separating the log!! I don't have all the gadgets that you folk do. I literally do it by hand. No I don't mean pen and [paper, buy I open up the digipan *.log file in notepad and covert it to html AND Execel. It's a lot of work to do!!  Ill sumbit my log for the APE only!!

Justin Mattes,KC2GIK
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Justin -

Milton sent a response already (which I agree with), but here's my elaboration:

For the APEs we di CQ 070 APE or something like that and for the
hundred mark contests we do CQ 070 1000TH MEMBER.
It really doesn't matter what your CQ says. When I was APEing, I didn't put that in my CQ. After all, most of my QSOs had no idea what an APE was--if I HAD said "CQ APE", some people wouldn't have replied. (After all, they're not simians!)

And in a contest, there's no requirement to use any particular CQ. Many/most do, only to let people know that you want quick QSOs, with a specific exchange. But it's not necessary to call "CQ contest."

And here's a "secret": ANY QSO counts towards most contests if you and the other station exchange the correct info, even if the other station isn't in the contest, or doesn't even know that you are. If you ragchew with the other guy, and he tells you his name, his kids' names, his dog's name, his radio and antenna configuration, his town, his state, his educational background, his profession, etc, and you do the same, you can take credit for a contest QSO where the required info is "name and SPC"! Sure, it may take you 10 minutes for the QSO, but getting one QSO is better than calling "CQ contest" for the same time with no responses. And even if the guy says "no contest QSOs," you've given him the ragchew he wants, so he's happy too!

(But this doesn't work under two circumstances:

1. If the exchange requires info not usually exchanged in a ragchew, like an explicit prefix, or a serial number, or a member number, or the like. This weekend's Grip Dip is kind of in the middle--some ragchewers know and include their grid square, but if you have to ask for it, they'll know you're contesting.

2. If the contest requires "matching" QSOs, i.e., logs are cross-checked and only QSOs that are submitted by both sides count. That's not true of any 070 or TARA contest, but I vaguely recall one like that recently. (Maybe it was a Portuguese one in May?) In some of the "big" contests (CQWW, etc), you can get QSOs disqualified if you have too many QSOs with stations that only show up in your log and not in anyone else's.)

Also I just down know how the logging would work. Would you submit
2 different logs?
You wouldn't have to LOG the QSOs separately, but you'd probably have to submit separate logs (or more exactly, log extracts), for potentially multiple reasons:

- Different info might be required. For example, APE logs just have to show date, time, band, and callsign of station, and extraneous information is discouraged. Contest logs have to show exchange received.

- The recipients of the logs might be different. You send your APE log to the APE manager, but your contest log to the contest manager.

- Some QSOs might count for only one of the purposes, and not both. Your operating time frames might not perfectly overlap--the contest is only 24 hours long, but your APE extends longer than that (or over the edge). Or a QSO might not have exchanged all the information required for a contest contact, but it's good enough for APE.

But that just means you filter and parse your log file differently. After all, the "scoring" will be different--multipli ers and the like for a contest, but a simple QSO count for APE.

I have a master log file that contains every QSO I've had (since November 2000). Depending on my purpose, I extract files based on

- my location (APEs, other portable ops, etc)
- mode
- band
- date (e.g., for contest periods)
- etc

But I also agree that doing an APE during a contest greatly increases your likelihood of getting the number of QSOs required to have the APE count, especially if your APE is limited duration. If your APE is multiple days long, you won't have a problem with this. If your APE is only a few hours, it can be tough.


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