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Justin Mattes--KC2GIK

The number is NA-065

Justin Mattes,KC2GIKPODXS#751

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Do you happen to know the IOTA info for Whidbey Island?
I'm working on my IOTA sticker, and just need a few more.

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went to the 2009 page and only see 2 listed. I know several have posted in here.

I'm going to try my darnedest to be at Admiralty head Lighthouse on Whidbey Island this Saturday or the 8th (which ever is light house day). Lets hope the OOPS gods don't get me again.

The Valley Camp on the weekend of the 21st through the 23rd. Im hoping to get Cable routed through my 5th wheel soon so I can run the rig inside and the hustler somewhere outside.

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