Re: Endorsements & Attaboys OH MY!

Justin Mattes--KC2GIK

I ac tually don't remember GETTING a membership certificate!! I honestly don't think I got one because if I did I would have put the stickers on that. Right now I just keep them in my scrapbook with my QSL cards
Justin KC2GIK #751

J Budzowski wrote:

SO! The xyl brings in the mail, and along with the cable bill and
Victoria's Secret catalog, she gives you an envelope from K8IJ, qth
Alexandria Kentucky! (Cable bill goes on the incoming pile, Victoria Secret
catalog goes in the bottom drawer for now). The callsign K8IJ sounds vaguely
familiar, but you don't remember sending this guy a qsl card, Kentucky not
being on your list of rare and exotic DX! Curious cat that you are, you open
the envelope to find....stickers??
Yes, stickers! But wait! These are not just any stickers, they are
endorsements and attaboys from the 070 Club! If you are not sure what to do
with these stickers, do not put them on the incoming pile or in the bottom
drawer. Instead, go to and look at the article entitled
History of the PODXS 070 Club Part 2! There, I've said it!! 73 de Jay N3DQU

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