Was it yours?

Charlie Trice, K8IJ <ctrice@...>

Greetings all,

My USPS Maillady brought me back a corner of one of the little white envelops I sent out in the June Mailing. All I got was a ripped corner with my return address. The rest of the envelope, and the contents of the envelope are, I fear, lost forever.

Was it yours? Was it the envelope I sent to Justin??? We don't know right now.

Let's give it a week. After that time, if you have not received an envelope from me with your expected endorsements/attaboys (please look at http://www.podxs070.com/endorsement-outgoing-mail to see what was sent out), drop me a note at k8ij@arrl.net and I'll send you another envelope. Well, I'll try to send one...

The best part: the back of the envelope from the USPS containing the destroyed envelope says, in huge letters, "WE CARE".

Vy 73,

Charlie, K8IJ

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