Re: Dayton Endorsements & APE

Daniel Severance

Hi Karen,

I'm sure I'll do one from CT once I learn the lay of the land...
I certainly enjoyed the one I did a couple of years ago!

P.S. I saw you on 80M during the contest but my supershielded hotel room apparently didn't let me get out to you!



From: Karen Russo <>
To: 070 PSK Club <>
Sent: Tuesday, June 2, 2009 1:13:16 PM
Subject: [070] Dayton Endorsements & APE

If anyone attended Dayton Hamvention and did not receive a Dayton Endorsement, please let me know.
I will gladly mail you one.

Also, think about going APE !! Its lotsa fun! So far we have CO, FL, VA, KY, and MT. Lets add some more to the list.

73 - Karen W4KRN

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