Re: K7RE Only

Jim K5SP

Okay thanks. Had my dupe sheet checked but not in log. Missed you because of that. You were booming into
North Texas on 10, saw you and Patrick a lot.

I recall calling you on another band and you told me I was a dupe, I must have checked the wrong band on the
dupe sheet,

Sorry for the confusion.

Jim K5SP

c6alk wrote:

Hi Jim:
Sorry I am last getting bacl to you, had some doctor appointments yesterday. I am sorry, but I do not show that we worked on 10M.

Brian K7RE

--- In <>, Jim Innis <jinnis@...> wrote:


I know we worked on 10 meters, I have your name and call, but did not
log the day/time. Can you give me this info?

Jim K5SP

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