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Mark - N8MNI

I use Ham Radio Deluxe LogBook Analyzer program. Then upload the html page it creates to my website.


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Well it took the entire day today but I have finally got my log from
this past weekend up on m y website. For those web programmers out there
this was all done by hand, the HTML., Well almost I have a template
where I have table setup and I just copy and paste. Mark has to vtell me
how he uploads his logs to his site
As for the actual contest I had a blast. Picked up a lot of contacts and
I'm on my way to LONP. There was a slight local opening on 40 where I
go-t my first NH contact, I'm from NJ. You can bet that card is going
out by week's end. Other t han that it was a great warmuuup for Field
Day at the end of the month!
Don't forget to check my log
Justin, KC2GIK PODXS #751

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