Re: 40m Sprint

Peter Baskind <pbaskind@...>

10m has been really bad this year...
No kidding, Sean. The E-skip season has been terrible the past couple of
weeks. I haven't heard a peep on 6m in three days or so. Not sure what the
deal is.

Not so sure that 6 will be that great as we head into the Fall. Last
Fall -- my first as a Ham -- was unbelievable, even with my lame 3-element
in the attic. But, the SFI was running in the mid-200s in December/January.
We are 100 points below that now.

As far as the frequency for PSK is concerned, I have been told that the
frequency here is 50.290. But I have never heard any PSK activity on 6. I
may have been given bogus information.

Which reminds me -- why is it no one uses PSK for 2m weak signal? Gosh, it
would work great, yet I have only made 1 contact on 2m PSK (a mere 250
miles). Just a thought...


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