Re: 40m Sprint

Sean \(G4UCJ\) <g4ucj.shack@...>

Hi all, just a suggestion about the 40m sprint - how about doing a cumulative type thingy, say 4 sprints with the best three counting (the rsgb do that sort of thing)? I couldn't get on air for this one but this sounds like fun, so don't fancy having to wait a whole year 'till the next one :)

On a different note, could the person who stole/borrowed the ionosphere please return it! We miss our propagation. 10m has been really bad this year, but for some odd reason 40m has been great (128 dxcc worked), and this is near the peak? Hmm what's going on up there!

I will be looking for USA on 6m later in the year (although VE is being heard in the UK already), so remember to point your beams East and watch for a tiny signal! Best on CW is TX, so I am confident that PSK will go further for the same power (10w). What QRG do you guys listen for PSK on? I think it's about 50.230 over here.

73 Sean G4UCJ

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