Re: Contest Prefix question

Justin Mattes--KC2GIK

I doln't think it matters if you're portable or not because on phone Iwould say KC2GIK MOBILE or PORTABLE. I think it's the easy way to signify you're not at the home QTH. If you operate from Floarida and that's not your hom QTH then you should add the "/4" even if you' transmit from a house/ I'm operating at the Stony Point Lighthouse this summer using a special event callsign N2S bu t if I didn't use a special 1X1 I would probablly use KC2GIK/LH. There's a club out on Long Island that operates from the Fire Island Lighthouse sometimes and they id as W2SGB/LH.
Brian Hemmis wrote:

I was in the same boat-operating from y winter home in FL. I did sign
K3USC/4 which probably isn't 100% correct as I'm not really portable.
Headed back to Ohio Thur. for the summer where I'll be a 3 in 8 land !
Brian K3USC Naples, FL.
On Apr 21, 2009, at 7:16 PM, Tom wrote:

During the TARA Skirmish I was asked whether I was using the correct
prefix in the exchange. My call is K8TOM and I am located in the
Pacific Northwest- the 7 call area.

My reading of the Skirmish exchange rules is that as a K8 prefix
call working in call area 7, my contest exchange prefix given would
be K7, not K8.

A couple of my contacts questioned that, though.

Did I understand the rule correctly? I'm asking since I had quite a
few contacts with my fellow 070-ers, and figured that you would


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