Re: TNX for all, my friends !!!

Charles Goldwater <k6ceg@...>

My pleasure meeting you during the TDW contest..  I will QSL direct to You with a return Envelope and return Postage..
You English is Very Good!!!
73 K6CEG Charley

----- Original Message -----
From: Pavanatti
Sent: Monday, June 04, 2001 5:15 PM
Subject: [070] TNX for all, my friends !!!

From PU5OPR - Nando(Eleandro Pavanatti)
To Every Ham Radio in PODXS 070 Club

I'm want say 4 things with this e-mail and show my contact list maybe in a few time
I put in my homepage the log of contest to anyone see these ok ...

    Sorry about the non-contacts
    1º - I want make some apologizes for the with who I don't have maked contacts
            in this conteste it's happened because my license is a novice license I'm new
            in Ham Radio and I can only work in 10m (28000-28500MHz) and
            15m (21000-21150MHz) bu in a few days I will change my class I have the
            enough contacts in this class I did the tests and in few day my call will change
            to PY5XT (I will use the PU5OPR for a time).

    The propagations was crazy
    2º - I really liked this weekend for 2 points one the contest so much stations
            working in "my" bands (10m and 15m) trying with that horrible propagation
            where we can't listen a station with 100W hi hi hi, and two because
            the propagation was open to Africa and I worked ZS1, 5R8, FK8, CX
            stations uselly I have propagation to north and my antenna is locked to
            this direction so I'm happy to work this stations.

    Thanks for help, sorry about anything
    3º - For the friends I have in here in PODXS 070 Club I receive some e-mails
            from K3CKO, N3DQU, YL2FD, and others where they say be trying make
            contact with me I want apologize with every member for somethings, one I have
            troubles in days 01/Jun and 02/Jun to work because in here (Brazil) we have to
            make some economy of electrical energy and in my house I'm with half part of
            power light and I make the choice to not work for make economy, but in sunday
            03/Jun my power return to normal and I did what I say and I don't work all sunday
            because today (04/Jun) I have a test in University and I needed study for this ok ...

    Special thanks to...
    4º - I want say a special thanks for K3CKO, N3DQU and YL2FD these stations help
            me in this contest in all times and I see the messages where you say some things
            about me I so happy for this ok - THANKS FOR ALL FOLKS !!! -

    Contacts in TDW Contest
    OK1AK ; OK1HBO ; ON4CAS ; TA7I ; W4TMM ; WA5EOG ; WB4IHI ;
    YL2FD ; YO5CRQ

Thanks for all OMs
Sorry about the bad english

Eleandro Pavanatti (Nando)

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