40 meter sprint

Bob <VE4XA@...>

Great to have the discussions going. it's about the only time I get emails
that are not trying to sell me something!!!
I will make an attempt at 40 meters with a Hustler mobile antenna, or my
totally out of tune MFJ-xxx vertical!

So, look for XM4XA on 40 ..will be interesting as I have not done anything
on 40 for 25 years!!

My operating will be totally dependant upon the weather as we have had
several days of major lightening storms, including another 2 1/2 inches of
rain (63mm) again last night in about two hours. The price we pay for
living in the mostly frozen north..when the ice and snow melt it comes down
as liquid.

See you all.

Oh and bye the way..thx for the organizers..isn't life wonderful!!!


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