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Ernest Mills <emills@...>

Hey! Jay,
Hope to see you in there boss. I like this local time business. Yea! I
know...I like anything that's different :)
Hope to see DE and VT out there as I need em for the 070 lower 48 award.
so come Delaware [DE] and Vermont [VT] :) Oh and while we are at it
where are all the 070 YL's eh! I need two more for the 070 88 award so come
on ladies. :)
Since you Scots are 5 hours different we have an overlap between you and
me [EST] and I can work on the "Scottish Piper" award as well, so...yea!
come on fella's shake a leg eh! 73 Ernie WM2U

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I will be there, altho late as I have to work...Btw, we aren't asking
to log your entries by local time, just to use your local time as the
time for the sprint...Jay N3DQU

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