Re: 40 & 80m

Bernie <kf4fhs@...>

Hey Everyone,

There was talk on the reflector about generating more PSK activity on the
40 meter band, and someone mentioned a short, fun, sprint type contest.
It sounded like a good idea to me , so I emailed N3DQU and volunteered to
do the thing if it was OK with him. We coresponded for several hours last
night trying to figure a way where everyone would have the best shot at good
conditions on 40 meters, and we decided that to use local time would the
most fair for everyone.
We also looked at the contests that are being held in July and this was
the only time that nothing else was going on. I know it's short notice, but
it's not another field day, only a 6 hour sprint, so it doesn't take a whole
lot of preparation, tune to 40 meters and start sending CQ.
BTW: If anyone is interested, Digipan will log local time by clicking
"view" and then un-checking "UTC". Pretty simple eh?

73, Bernie / KF4FHS

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