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No need to put it on the back burner just for me, Jay. It was a good idea to have the contest to gain interest in 40 meter PSK, but I don't think anyone expected it to happen at the drop of a hat. I'm just expressing my own opinion. It will be interesting to see what others think. This is a holiday weekend and many folks are off on a trip somewhere. If I can participate, I'll be there.

With the National Forests closed to the public for the time being here in Colorado Springs area, we want to try to get some camping time in and a commercial CG or National Park are the only other options. That's one reason I voiced my opinion, as we just might take off.

I'm not griping about the timeframe of the contest, Jay, just wondered why it had to happen this weekend?



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> I agree with you on the short notice for the contest. I'm a little confused
> as to why it has to be this weekend unless they want it to tie in with the
> holiday, thus the name "Firecracker Sprint."

Actually, the reason why we picked this weekend is because it one of the
few weekends in July without any major contests going on. The 13-14 is the
IARU HF Championship, the 20-21 is the NA RTTY QSO Party, the 27-28 is the
Russian RTTY WW Contest and RSGB IOTA Contest...If you guys want, we can put
the sprint on the backburner til a later date...Jay N3DQU

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