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That sounds good on 10 M or even a 80M sprint would be good. I will not be
able to be in the 40 M sprint this time, I have to take the kids away to
Cedar Point for the weekend. The family always seem to know when to mess up
my radio time. Next time I think it would be nice to have a little more
notice. Good Luck to everyone in the Sprint. George, MM0CBL is on 20 meter
most of the time now he said that 10 meter has been out for him the last 2
weeks so look for him there.

Chris KC8LJN

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Wonderful .... only not so many rules that it takes a lawyer to
interpret them !!! Its a hobby.... <G>
No. Let's make them such that ONLY lawyers can interpret them. Yeah...
that's the ticket!

Peter, AG4KI

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BTW: How 'bout a 10m event before the Summer is out? That might be fun,

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