Re: An Idea for a New Award

Justin Mattes--KC2GIK

As many of you know besides being an 070 member I am also a member of the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society. We have been trying to get the awards manager over there to issue awards for contacting lighthouses and ARLHS members via PSK. Right now I have nine confirmed lighthouse contacts on PSK-31. Maybe there should be an award for working or activating lighthouses?
Justin, KC2GIK

Todd Shoemake wrote:

How about working 70 unique callsigns on each mode. 70 on PSK31, 70 on
PSK63 and 70 on PSK125, 210 contacts and not a one callsign repeated. It
could run for a full year, say from April Fools Day 09 to April Fools
Day 10. Would definitely get some folks using a few of these modes we
don't see very often. I'll donate to the cause to pay for awards and
postage and what not.


Laurie, VK3AMA wrote:

Hi Bob,

Interesting idea. Unfortunately, I don't like it. For us non-US based
Hams, WAS is very difficult at the best of times (I still need ND for
WAS-LOTW). WAS on 3 modes would make it extremely difficult to obtain.
With the increasing numbers of non-US Hams joining the Club, I think an
award that wasn't so biased like a 070-Triple-Play-WAS would be more
suitable. What that award could be, I have no ideas. Hopefully your
suggestion will get those who have a more creative mind to offer
some ideas.

My 2cents
de Laurie, VK3AMA

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