Re: 40 Meter Sprint update

Bernie <kf4fhs@...>

Hey Ed,

If I forget to call you, just remember on Saturday night, when the big
hand is on the 12 and the little hand is on the 8, start calling CQ 40m TEST

See ya Saturday & 73,
Bernie / KF4FHS

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Count me in.
Benie,can you call me around 8 pm? Our sundials quit working down here

FWIW,as an avid 40M psker; the lower frequencies are a little less prone
interference.I usually set the dial for 7.069.
Patience is the keyword,on 40M ,when you're getting slammed by
interference.And,even when the noise level is running S5-S7,you can still
pull out a trace or two.
Fun band.I've worked AL to WA on 5W,on 40M.
CU Sat.

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