Hello Jim - Read with chagrin the comments printed in the lastest Gazette
fm the RTTY crowd regarding the PSKer's and FD 2002. I imagine this was the
way it was back in ye olden days when CW first came online (SPARK FOREVER!)
and maybe even the same things were said during the AM vs. SSB fracas as
well, altho I am not now nor ever have been a SSB aficionado! We toot our
horns about how amateur radio is so important to the field of communications,
but in reality we are not any different than the rest of the world when it
comes to holding onto the old in spite of the relative merits of the new (and
this from a dyed-in-the-wool CW op too hi). Them RTTY guys tho, better get
used to the fact that PSK is here to stay, regardless of our apparent lack of
on-the-air etiquette and/or expertise, you can bet your grandma's gold-plated
chad box on that! As a founding member of the PODXS 070 Club (now 225 members
strong!), I am here to tell you that the PSK community is healthy and
passionately enthusiastic with the mode. And as for contesting, as of this
date there is a PSK contest or on-the-air event for just about every month of
the year now, so you can hardly say that your average PSKer doesn't harbor
the ol' ham competitive spirit within. Maybe 'tis true that we aren't cut
from the same cloth as them RTTY guys, but then again, maybe that is not such
a bad thing after all, eh? Best 73 es cu on the screen de Jay N3DQU/PODXS 070

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