Re: 40 & 80m

Karen Russo <w4gtm@...>

Speaking of 10m....lately I've listened out for the beacons and I
usually hear at least 2 strong ones. From this location (VA) I mostly
hear K5AB in Central TX and W0ERE. I agree with Peter that the
e-skip doesn't seem all that great, but its certainly worthy of trying.
I'm wondering if amateur radio interest is way down or other
stations just need to hear all 59 or 599 signals to get on the air?
I enjoy listening for the weak/weaker signals. You never know what
you might get...maybe someone with an attic dipole running 5

The only bands that have decent activity right now are 15 & 20m.
Everything else is sketchy. I realize we're heading in the downward
direction with the sunspot cycle, but gee, it ain't all that bad, is it?

And, Jay AA8QQ, we'll have to set up a PSK sked on 40 & 80m.
I'm surprised we didn't hook up in the TDW contest.

73 - Karen W4GTM

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