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That's a darned good idea, Jay. A four hour session and the one with the highest number of contacts on 40 meters wins a week in Jamaica, compliments of N3DQU. (Man, what a guy! :) ) Seriously, a 4 hour marathon on 40 would be fun. Just exchange calls, county, report, name & section, not necessarily in that order.

Maybe the name could be the 40 Meter PSK Static Crash Contest or whatever.

What say guys? It would be fun.



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Karen & Jay

Same observation from here. 40M and 80M seem to be abandoned. How about a
"Dog Days Sprint" type of contest? It could be a 4 hr sprint from say 0001Z
to 0040Z. Dates and times may have to be adjusted - Do not try this at home
- Other local restrictions may apply.


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