Re: Valentine Sprint question revisited

Tom <tsingle0@...>


Thanks..I read the rules at the club website several times--Love the
new web site---but can't see that they address the question directly.

Should I or should I not start making contacts with contest
participants prior to my local start time even though I don't get
contest points for it?

The reason that I would do something like that is (for them) to help
others get points and (for me) to probably make more 070 contacts for
LONP, etc.

Milt's understanding may be correct, but since a call would not appear
more than once in your submitted contest log, how can there be a dupe?
It seems to me that prior contacts should not be discouraged. Why not
help out both parties and encourage more activity? But I'm probably
missing a consideration here..

And Tnx for the compliment, Milt. I saw your QSO with Harry in HI, and
it looks like the reflector mention was indeed keeping him busy.

I'm pretty limited right now on 80M and non-existent on 160M, so won't
be doing much tonight. But I'm working on it...:-)


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