Re: Valentine Sprint question revisited

Steve W3HF

Milton -

If someone were to say that **I** was a dupe under those
circumstances, I'd say "but you're not a dupe for me!" right back.
After all, it's not that he **CAN'T** make the QSO, or that you
**CAN'T** work him, it's just that the "second" QSO won't count for
him. Anyone who understood the rules, though, would make a second QSO,
**especially** those on this reflector who are reading this.

Note that because there's no cross-checking of logs, it doesn't matter
which of the contacts with you he submits.

It's a common problem for the "rolling start" type of
sprints--probably one of the few drawbacks--but it's easily addressed.

The only issue is that he won't ever respond to your CQ, because
you're already in his log. You'll have to call him and ask for an
"in-window" QSO.


If you work folks before your official rolling start in the
contest...and then you enter the contest,
during your allotted time, can work them again for your log?
NO...They're going to tell you that you're a dupe. Even though you
weren't in the contest, they were, and you can only count 1 time in
their log per band.
Every QSO with a station that you make prior to YOUR official start
is a QSO with that station that you cannot make again on that band,
once your time zone starts. You'll be shooting yourself in the foot by
starting early.
See what I mean?
That's what catches my eye right off the bat.
Hope this helps.
I saw you on 20m a little while ago...very nice and clean signal...

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> Basically any one you make contact with within the alloted time
> towards the contest results
> N9JCA Chris PODXS # 797
OK, so that means that I could start making contacts at any time for
the purpose of giving contact points to Sprint participants. For
Conus that would be 8PM EST and 5PM PST.

But the contacts will not count on my totals until it is 8PM my local

Is that right?



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