Re: looking for states - ND


Hi Guys:

There will be a sort of low key DXpedition to ND via a mobile
station on February 27/and 29 to attend the Bismark ND hamfest on
2-28. I am attempting to talk the other travelers in the car to allow
me to do PSK from their vehicle.

I am on LOTW, but not for ND as yet, so I would have to apply for
an additional location in my LOTW account. I have done this for
several other locations, so should not be too big of a deal. I
probably will see Nels W0TUP and perhaps POJ at the hamfest. Maybe I
can talk them both into trying the PSK modes.

Of course there are no promises at this point, as traveling ND in
the dead of winter can be, let's say, "problematic". ;)

Brian K7RE
Spearfish SD

--- In, "dougkalish" <kalish.doug@...> wrote:

Worked W0TUP about a week ago to complete my LOTW WAS. He does SSB,
CW and RTTY only, not PSK31. He's a busy guy these days. Someone
needs to set up a DX expedition to Fargo.

de KA3L Doug

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