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Glad your getting this all working again and no need to apologize.
The virus that you caught is particularly nasty because it does disable, not
only, Norton but also most other antivirus programs, that are on the market,
before it goes to work and it makes it difficult to re-installed your AV
programs. I recently had a customer who had the same virus attack them and
we had to install another AV program and rename the AV executable just to
get the virus off the server and the servers are still not 100% but the
virus is gone, as far as we can tell. Now, I don't normally go out of my way
to recommend too many things, unless asked, but I think this may help some
people and I need to do something to try to cut down on some of these
attacks that have been growing in number over that couple of months. The one
thing that saved me from getting that virus is a program called Zone Alarm
Pro from Zone labs. It has a feature that renames
potentially dangerous attachments so that they can't easily be run. In the
last week alone, it has saved my system at least 20-25 times. Just last
Wednesday I woke up to 7 attacks overnight between 11pm and 6 am. All
attachments were renamed by Zone Alarm before they ever made it to the
Norton AV level.

GL and glad your back online,

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Although completely out of my hands, I must apologies to any and all 070
members who might have recently received a particularly nasty virus that
came via my computer and then used my email address book and mailed out to
everybody in it. It has taken me 3 days so far to get back to a normal,
clean system. Yes! in the end I had to reformat the system drive and am even
now still rebuilding my programs and files. I will not be entering ANY
address' in my address book for quite some time until I feel this bug has
run its course. For those who asked, and there were many, yes I did have
Norton 2003 running at the time and I did have it set to check all incoming
and outgoing mail but the first thing this bug appeared to do was to disable
Norton and also a few important windows utility files then it mutated into 3
carriers all containing the same virus. I got a lot of helpful email off
you guys and gals and I must also thank you for your understanding. I did
not get any irate em!
ail off any of ya! I, know, I know, that can be rectified easily. hi hi

A special thinks to Jay N3DQU for relaying a pre info message from me to
this reflector. Oh! and I got told off by Jay for not using the landline (do
I have your tel number?) to inform you all that I spent a day at the ARRL
Headquarters in Newington, CT on Thursday. Yea! and I even got to operate
W1AW in PSK mode. That was a great experience and I WILL be doing it again.
I was on 15 meters with not much activity when the W1AW operator spotted me.
5 minutes later the electromagnetic flux I was throwing out to the world was
second to none. It is great working a pile up. I will brush up on working
PSK split next time :) As soon as I get photos developed I'll post em! on
the web site. I was thinking that for people like Erika who come from
overseas to visit us at Dayton maybe we could tack on a days trip out to
W1AW. Jay! put me down for that one eh!

apologies again for the nasty virus, cu agn, Ernie

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