Re: PKFEST Results

lratcliff lratcliff <lratcliff@...>

Had some really crummy bands here. I haven't finalized my log yet, but I
had 153 QSO's and about 47 multis for a total of 7191. Not as good as I
wanted, was looking for about 10k points.

VY 73


On 1/10/09, Rick Scott <> wrote:

Well I beat last year, which was easy, I found I dont have a log. SOOO, I
looked at 2007.
I had 90Qs and 42 Multis with a score of 3780.

Multis were down this year, but I beat the Qs so I beat my score. Mission

2009 070 Club PSKFEST W7PSK


QSOs QSO pts. Mults.
80m 18 18 13
40m 30 30 10
20m 54 54 16
TOTALS 102 102 39

Claimed score = 3978


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