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I know - should stir up a good conversation hopefully.

I've used the DX Labs suite as well as Digipan in the past, but
ultimately found myself going with HRD. While working the RTTY RU
this weekend I found it was very easy to work contacts quickly.

I know that there are contest-specific applications out there for
CW/Voice contests, but I was wondering what steps others have taken to
improve their performance in the digital contests...

Bring it on...

73 de ke4wle

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That's like asking which is better - Ford or Chevy hi! No doubt
you'll get
plenty of responses!

My personal choice is the DXLabs suite of programs. While it's not
specifically designed for contests, it does a wonderful job for PSK and
RTTY events.

The caveat, however, is I choose that package because I'm familiar with
it, using it almost daily for logging. If you have no experience
with any
software, the learning curve can be very steep trying to get up to speed
for a single event.

It boils down to whatever software you're either comfortable with
and will
do what you want, or are willing to put in the time to learn all the
intricacies of a different application.

Good luck es 73

I'll be there. Since we're on the subject, what programs do folks
prefer to work psk contests with? I was planning on using HRD/DM but
wonder if there is anything better?

73 de ke4wle

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A reminder that the 8th Annual 070 Club PSKFest will take place
0000z-2400z, 10 January 2009. For complete rules click on the link
Questions or comments, send me an email. Hope to cu there! 73 de Jay

PSKFest rules:


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