Re: FD Success stories??

Steve W3HF

Let me see if I can slip in a legit msg.,in between the virus
mailouts. Anyone have sucess with PSK,last weekend? 10M and 80M never
really opened up,down here...15M and 40M were good,and 20M seemed to
be where all the activity was. Ran my FT817,off Gel cells,through a
portable MP-1 antenna,in an RF challenged part of the State,(AL). The
BBQ was good though..... Ed N4ZUM
I was out in CA on a business trip, and working most of Saturday
and also Sunday afternoon. So I couldn't really set up a portable
FD effort. I did, however, operate for about 3-1/2 hours from the club
station I use (class 1D), handing out a few contacts for the other

WA6GFY doesn't have an 80m antenna, so I couldn't check that.
Never saw anyone on 10m. (I only made one 10m contact over the
entire week I was there!)

Most of the action I saw was on 40 and 20. 20 seemed busier, but
my QSO count was about the same on each (14 on 40, 15 on 20).
Made one (PSK) contact on 15. (Also made one SSB contact on
15--couldn't resist picking up Hawaii QRP.)

Only managed three contacts with 070 members--KF4FHS on both
40 and 20, and KK7UQ (operating W7JCR) on 40. If I worked any
others of you I didn't recognize, please let me know.


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