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Adam Wade <espresso_doppio@...>

On Sunday, December 21, 2008 10:28 AM [Zulu -7],
Jeff Newsome <> wrote:

the thing that is
especially troublesome is how the log is supposed to be sent in a log
is a log it shouldn' have to be in any special format
I can see you don't really know very much about computers or the ADIF
format, which I find a little surprising considering this is a list about
digital modes involving hams. But I guess it's endemic of the "appliance
operator" mentality that has largely taken over Amateur radio.

There is no standardization for the ADIF format. Try exporting a log from
one program and importing it into another program; in many cases you'll end

up with data in wrong columns, etc. If it was as simple as just loading
the logs into a piece of software and pressing a button, sure, no problem.
But a volunteer has to go through all of those logs and make sure that
someone's logs qualify them for whatever the award is, and that's a lot of
work for a lot of awards. It's dull, unpleasant work, and it's done for
fre. When I do things for free on my own time out of the goodness of my
heart, I put limits on what I am willing to do because I have a life I
choose to lead, and it does not revolve around doing lots of drudge work
other people for free.

Frankly, it bothers me greatly that people see what is a wonderful, free
service as something to which they are entitled, and further something
they are entitled to be lazy about with someone else having to pick up the
slack on their behalf. That's just rude and insulting, and insinuates that

your time is so much more valuable than mine, and my effort does not count
for anything with you. And when people treat me like that, *I* generally
tell them to f@$%^*% off.

I consider formatting and dupe checking my own log to be a small price to
pay for getting a wonderful and FREE award from a FREE club. In fact, I'd
expect to be charged something for the time, postage, printing costs, and
on, and I am only too happy to format my logs to make it easy on those who
are providing ME with a FREE service. If getting a certificate is not
the time it takes to dupe-check and format your log, DON'T SEND IN FOR ONE.

Really, it's that simple.

Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox now. But especially at the holiday season,
it chaps my hide to see someone whining about having to make an effort to
get something out of someone else for FREE. The folks who run this club do

a lot with little thanks and no pay, and only charitable contributions from

others to defray their own out-of-pocket costs. They ought to get more
donations and a rousing chorus of "thank you"s from all of us, not whinging

about the PITA of making their VOLUNTEER efforts easier by spending a few
minutes formatting your log before sending it in.

And on that note, best holiday wishes to all and sundry throughout the
Amateur radio world, to your families and communities, and so on. :)

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