Re: Fw: Wowwwwwwwwwww check it !

Steve W3HF

I like the idea of prohibiting attachments on the list, and only
allowing uploads to the Files section. This accomplishes multiple

1. Only those who want the file will have to download it, instead
of having it sent automatically to everyone on the list. This will
speed the download of messages for most people. It will also
benefit any members who pay for internet access by the bit or by
the minute. (I think some non-US accesses are this way.)

2. It will allow the sender to "authenticate" the file by posting a
specific message to the reflector. Perhaps this message could be
"coded" in some way, if we want.

3. Since the file won't automatically be sent to everyone, the
possibility of virus infection is reduced. As soon as one person
downloads it, and if s/he discovers an infection, s/he can either
post a warning or even delete it right away. So an infected file
won't already be on lots of computers.

Just my thoughts .....


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