DeathMatch starts later today

Bill Sheehan

Just a quick reminder that the PSK DeathMatch begins Saturday Dec 13,
2008 at 0000z and runs until 2359z Dec 14, 2008.

Valid modes are both PSK-31 & PSK-63.

Exchange is simple, Name and State/Province/Country.

Multipliers are US States, Canadian Provinces and DXCC countries
per band.
Valid bands are 6m-160m. (Not including WARC)

Good luck to all and I hope to see you there.

I'll try a copy and paste of the rules, but it is rather graphic
intensive and may not copy so well.......

bill KB3LIX Washington County PA.


Saturday Dec 13th 00:00Z through Sunday Dec 14th 24:00Z

The 2008 PSK DeathMatch Rules
Presented By The Michigan DX Association and our Contest Sponsors
Exchange:Name-State/Provice/Country-DX Stations send DXCC Country
Prefix..Note:Contesters are NOT interested in your Equipment Or Your
Weather! Please refrain from including non essential information in
your macros!

Why a 48 hour Digital Duel? This is a DeathMatch,it is not designed
to be a walk in the park and it is held only once a year! Only the
strong will survive.You may take all the breaks you want but your
totals will suffer.Just do your best within the 48 hours and see if
you have the right stuff! Good luck and fire up those interfaces.The
PSK DeathMatch Sword and Daggers wait for you if you are up to our
world wide digital duel challenge!

Bands: Operate The Standard PSK freqs. On 160,80,40,20,15,10 & 6
mtrs..No WARC Bands May Be Used In This Or Any Contest! No Class
Splitting Please.

: Single Operator And Single Transmitter.

PSK 31PSK 63

Submit your Scores(By E-Mail)No Snail Mail

Class 1.2.3. Class 1 ----High Power 50 to 75 Watts Max
Class 2-----Medium Power 25 to 50 Watts Max .
Class 3 --- Low Power Qrp 5 Watts Max

Remember..You MUST enter within only *One* of the above Classes,No
Class Mixing! If you do not mention your class when submitting,we
will have to contact you.


Multipliers =States/Provinces/Countries/Per Band,Per Mode

No Dupes Permited On Same Band Unless New Contact Via PSK 63

All Stations can be worked "once" per band and mode.

New 2008 Points System

1 Point each standard contact 10-80 meters.
2 points for each 6M and 160M contact

5 points for working last years Champion Adam Lawler - WK4P


Multipliers Updated For 2008

Multipliers=States/Provinces/Countries per band,per mode.
US and Canada also count as countries

Example Below

You have 100 QSO points and work 30 SPC's on PSK31 + 20 on PSK63

Your score would be as follows: 100X50 = 5000 points

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PSK DeathMatch Sponsors

Thank's to our contest sponsors!
Bela W. Lindenfeld, N8SHZ For The Stephen Edward Lindenfeld,N8XSH/SK

Chuck LeMar,W8VOM Class II Sword Sponsor.Michigan DX Association
Class III Sponsor

See you in December.

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Scoring: Scoring is simple,Contact points X Multipliers for final
Grand Total Score!

Remember..No Class Mixing..All Contacts Must Be Within The Class You
Submit In.Example:You submit in Class 3 QRP so "all" of "your" Q's
must be made at 5W or less not some at 5W and others at 50W. Please
be honest with your scores,we reserve the right to request your logs!
Refusal to comply with this request in a timely fashion may result in

Awards This is a DeathMatch,Top score takes the DeathMatch Sword!
First Place Winners in the (remaining) classes will receive Class
Swords. Officers of the MDXA if "using" our club call W8DXI are not

Enter Here:

Include your Name-Call-Class-Score and Summary

2008 Submissions Due By 12/24/08

DX winners must pre pay shipping for their awards or accept a post
paid certificate! Shipping Swords to DX often costs more than the
award itself.

Note: Button above is for submissions Only!
Thank You For Entering The 2007 PSK DeathMatch!

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The PSK DeathMatch Was Co-Authored By And For The Michigan DX
We Appreciate The Contribution Of The Following DeathMatch Co-Authors

Contest [Name] - Conceived By Brian Pawloski W8BRI

Contest -Page Layout,Structure,Code,Promotion By Charles LeMar W8VOM

Rules By "The Power" AKA Adam Lawler WK4P

Rules for [2008] DeathMatch Updated 12/27/07 - All Rights Reserved By
The Michigan DX Association

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