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We are pleased to welcome our newest member to the PODXS 070 Club:
Member # 803, Adam, AF6ME
Welcome Adam!
Thanks! Glad to be here. It was the contest the other day that
pushed me into finally submitting my log...

I'm a new ham this year, although it's been a 30 year road to finally
getting the license. With a max of 100W out from a TS-520S hybrid
rig and a still not-quite-tuned Hustler 5BTV in the back yard, I have
been getting a lot of mileage out of digital modes in this time of
few sunspots!

Day before yesterday I worked EA8BMG on 20m, giving me a PSK31 WAC,
and I've submitted for that endorsement. Not bad for a guy who has
all of maybe 200 days of operating time on HF! :D I'm also
something like 12 holes into completing the golf course, and am
mighty close to getting the China Clipper. :) I've got England and
Belgium, so I'm working toward some European endorsements, even
though I live in the Pacific coast near the Oregon border. Once we
have some decent sunspots, look out! ;)

Charlie, K8IJ
73, and see you down the waterfall!

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