Re: 800th Member Celebration

Richard Ferch <ve3iay@...>

Well, I did not get on PSK31 from VE2. After the group had spent 42
hours in the ARRL 160m contest, no-one wanted to stick around after
the end of the contest at 1600Z. I didn't want to be the last to
leave, because I wasn't sure I'd make it up the icy hill leading out
of the property. As it turned out, I had to take two tries at it -
and yes, I do have snow tires, and the road had just been plowed
after a fresh snowfall. Don't ask me why we put ourselves through
this every year!

Got home, got the radio set up, brought a temporary lead-in into the
house (which involves leaving the back door open wide enough to let
the coax through) and listened on 20m and 40m. Very few signals,
nothing in the contest. The temperature outside was about 4 deg. F,
so I didn't leave the door open for very long.

I decided to run the coax through an open window instead (at least I
could stuff the rest of the opening with towels to keep the wind
out). Managed a total of 9 contacts in about 3/4 hour of operating.
No new member numbers for LONP for me - maybe in the MIDXA DeathMatch
in a couple of weeks, weather permitting.

Claimed score for 9 contacts: 4,376,000 (as compared with a claimed
score of 190,232 for 1073 contacts in the ARRL contest - the points
per QSO ratio in the 070/800 celebration was just a tad better!)

Rich VE3KI
070 #175

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