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Dick Thompson <wb0dul@...>

If all you did was receive it as an e-mail attachment and did not open the file to view it, you're OK.  Just delete it, block the sender, and go on as normal.  Be sure to empty the Recycle Bin. 
I follow a policy of not opening and looking at anything that ends in .exe, .com, .bat., .pif, etc.  And if it comes from someone I do not know it automatically gets deleted, and I don't care what it is.  If it comes from a friend and I don't consider them to be computer literate, it also gets deleted.  The best policy is delete it if you suspect it may be a problem. 

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I downloaded it without thinking, but then thought better of opening it and
just deleted it and emptied the recycle bin.  Do you have to run it or just
download it to get infected?

Jay - AA8QQ

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