Re: Well FD had come and gone...


Whew, wall-to-wall PSK on 20m sent me scurrying to the low bands! So was
it my imagination, or did the crowd seem a bit more civilized on 40m?
Anyways, nice to see all the PSK action this weekend, looks like perhaps PSK
is here to stay!
Altho my favorite mode is CW, I forgot to pack the all important
keyer-to-rig cable so started off with PSK Saturday instead of waiting til
Sunday as originally planned. Luckily I had an iron and some miscellaneous
parts handy so was able to make the cable in the field...uh, more or less!
That's what I get for not checking out my station in the backyard before
packing it all in the truck! (Note to self: Fix burn hole in floor before
using tent again).
Anyways, I ran 1B WPA in Crawford County, using my trusty Kenwood TS50S at
50w to a ground mounted Hustler trap vertical. Power for the rig was via
deepcycle battery, and the laptop ran off a small lawntractor battery and
solar panel. Final tally was 84 PSK contacts and 75 CW in the log. Oh yeah,
it was fun alrite, but I am happy to be back home too! 73 de Jay N3DQU.

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