Re: Attn FD ops

Richard B Drake

Thanks for forwarding that Jay.

In the aftermath of September 11 with our new focus on Homeland
Security and protection against total communications breakdowns,
it seems to me that Amateur radio has a new opportunity to shine
brightly. The phone system cam be attacked and disabled, the
internet can be attacked and disabled. But how could a million
individual amateur radio operators sprinkled all over the Americas
who are ready willing and able to provide communications in any
emergency be attacked and disabled? There is no way that could be
done. This Field Day may be one of the most significant ones in

I'm planning to operate from home with my FT-817 on battery power
using portable antennas. Hope to see you all on PSK31.

73, Rich - W3ZJ

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This from the ARRL:
"...Field Day! This weekend is ARRL Field Day, possibly
ham radio's most
popular organized operating activity. In the past this

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