Attn FD ops


This from the ARRL:
"...Field Day! This weekend is ARRL Field Day, possibly ham radio's most
popular organized operating activity. In the past this bulletin only
commented on domestic propagation for Field Day weekend, but this
year for the first time Field Day is expanded to cover all of the
Americas. The new rules say that anyone in IARU Region II may
participate, and this covers all of North, Central and South
America, Greenland, the Caribbean, as well as some Pacific Islands.
IARU Region II is the same as ITU Region II, and you can see a map
of Region II at, .

Remember that in Field Day there is no multiplier or extra credit
for number of states, sections, zones or countries worked. Contacts
with stations in all areas count the same. This distinguishes Field
Day from contests where top scorers pay close attention to working
the maximum number of multipliers. In Field Day multipliers and
extra credit are earned for operating low power, from batteries, and
for generating publicity for amateur radio's emergency preparedness
capabilities. See for
complete rules...."

Also, if you are looking for bonus points, you can get 100 for copying the
special W1AW FD bulletin. According to QST, they will be transmitting the
bulletin in PSK31 on Sunday at 12:00PM eastern time. You have to send the
text in along with your entry, so remember to either open up a logfile before
they begin transmission or do a copy/paste before you shut down your PSK31
software to save the on the air de Jay N3DQU.

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