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Steve W3HF

Let me add my general support for what's been said here, with a qualifier. Antennas are VERY important, but even more so is propagation. QRP DXing is satisfying, but it's even more so when I find that we are completing a QSO that is "QRP, attic dipole to attic dipole," as Sean G4UCJ and I did a few months ago.
Although there are differences in antenna systems, I think a big difference is that there are very few, if any, stations running anywhere close to the legal limit in power output. When I operate 5W SSB, I'm 23 dB (~4 S-units) below the kilowatt station with the same antenna. But when the "big guns" in PSK are only running 40-50 watts, my disadvantage is only 10 dB, less than 2 S-units. So it's easier (but still not simple) to be heard and break through a pileup.
But it is true that "anybody can do anything with PSK." Many of us "antenna-constrained QRPers" are proof of that. The main limitation in working exotic DX seems to be how few stations there are QRV in the remote locations.

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     I agree,pretty much with Jim's reasoning,and with Bernie's observation about the antennas.When I make a European contact,on 5 watts,it is very satisfying,but it's a product of the other station having a good antenna system.
Yeah, I'm a little redneck baby in the woods, when it comes to contesting,and,other than Field day,my only contests have been those sponsored here....

     I don't think we need to rationalize why we work psk.Like other modes,it has its' attractions.For me,it's a more laid back approach to making qsos,and because I enjoy qrp,it's ideal for my setup.Also,I have had my most satisfying qsos on PSK.I think it's the mindset,that we develop,while  reading the other station--we tend to become more attentive to what is being said...

     I'm in agreement that the automation tends to over -ride the awareness of what is actually happening,during a psk qso.
     Don't know about the IROC analogy though....I can actually watch PSK for more than 5 minutes without falling asleep......
     Thanks for an interesting thread,and will look for y'all this wekend.
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