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Seriously now, there are those who will tell the world that their program/radio/antenna/computer/etc
is the best! Just because they have it. Many comments are made in the usual stuff
sent over the radio, and usually the guy saying it means well. Stick with the program
you are familiar with, and become proficient using it, especially working split!

Consider the recipient of your message....Are they really interested in the program/radio/computer/temp
in your shack? Probably not! Interest may be centred on your power, and perhaps your
antenna, for them to make rationale of the propagation conditions.
They already know that you have a computer with a soundcard inside what's
the point in wasting time telling them?
I don't really care how fast, or how much RAM is in it.
Most do not read what the other guy is saying anyway, because they are too wrapped
up in their own ego...
The proof is on the screen in front of you when there is a rare DX station on the
band printing: XX0XX QRZ up...
and people continue to call on his trace!
And then when someone calls a specific station or area of the world when they know
they have propagation to that area, people will call without reading what the guy
is printing.... It is a little disturbing at times. The solution is to find out what
is happening on the frequency by looking at what's happening, before you PTT...or
TX the
Sticking the time in UTC at the end of a QSO just wastes time, especially for the
rest of the DXers who would like to make a contact to the DX!
Save that for those who don't have a clock in their computer!
DXCC contacts require Date, Mode, Band, and Callsigns only, the rest is irrelevant
and can be found out be other means.
The time in UTC may assist in a log search, but it is not a requirement...
73s Duncan

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