Yep! I am...

Duncan <zl3jt@...>

de Jungle Telegraph
Good evening to all... I was yelling at full song at Egypt,
SU9BN in the Sinai. I think Alan's an Aussie de VK6....only running qrp with g5rv...he
no hear me in the soup from EU & USA :-(
It's only about 24000 Km from here...easy eh?
I worked VP5, VP2M, KP2 recently on PSK, all 'new ones'...
I'm starting to push Erika's total....I could do with OJ0, but again I'm out-ranged, most times!
I must have a pretty nice signal, 'cos people like to get
real close to my trace, so that I can't see whose called me?
Maybe that's the solution...get one of those big fat wide traces to keep your bit
of the band clear????
See ya'll de Duncan ZL3JT

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