Lower 48, Aloha and Alaska


Ok, ok...looks like the people have spoken hi! I did not realize how
popular these particular endorsements were, so I have rescinded the change on
the Lower 48, Aloha and Alaska endorsements and will make them permanent
members of the 070 Club landscape...So Dieter, you can relax now om, no need
to pay N6YIH to work you fm Idaho hi!
As for the Maple Leaf, I think we should keep that one up simply because
there is only one member who has earned it so far. I think there are a lot of
potential members north of the border, we just have to get a fire lit under
them guys!
Ok if we send the UK and SV-Triband into retirement? Have got a bunch of
new endorsements coming out and I guarantee you won't be bored for lack of
endorsements to work for...Jay N3DQU.

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