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Hi Jay--I plan on working PSK again for FD. With the way 15 and 10 have
been,I don't expect much on them this year.We're setting up informally,at a
rural site,and plan on running 3E or 4-E,depending on how many mules we can
hook up to the treadmill generator.

FWIW, Digan works great,for FD,if you remember to config the macros for
FD,and if you remember to log each and every call.You can ck for dupes
quickly,and the split screen option is great.
working PSK as K4YNZ,3E or 4E AL

   Hey Ed, you might want to give W3KM's Gen Log a look-see. I ran it along with Digipan when I was portable out in Delaware for the Spring Rumble and it worked pretty good! Gen Log will dupe check for ya too, something Digipan won't do. You can get all the info at < > ...Btw this is freeware too! CU on the air next weekend...73 de N3DQU.

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