Mysteries of the 070 Club Explained!


Every so often we hear from an 070 Club member who wonders why he got his
certificate in the mail but not his endorsements, or visa versa. For those
newcomers to the 070 Club and those members who have often wondered but were
afraid to ask, here is a brief description of the 070 Club organization and
what happens with your applications.

The 070 Club is a PSK awards program sponsored by the Penn-Ohio DX
Society, a very small (4 regular members, 4 honorary members as of this date)
HF-oriented club located in western Pennsylvania and more commonly known by
initials PODXS (properly pronounced PO-DIX), not to be confused with the
Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin, a very fine weekly DX newsletter published by Tedd
Mirgliotta, KB8NW.

The 070 Club itself is run by two guys, both named Jay. For convenience
sake and to avoid any confusion, they will be referred to by their callsigns
KA3X and N3DQU.

KA3X is the manager of the 070 Club and holds certificate #001. He is the
Top Banana and takes care of the new members, issues 070 Club member numbers,
member certificates, Ragchewers certificates and QSO upgrade spots (e.g. 50,
100, 150, etc). KA3X's email address is < >.

N3DQU holds certificate #010 and takes care of the 070 Club website and
all of the information placed therein. He also takes care of the 070 Club
reflector, issues the endorsements (e.g. Aloha, Lower 48, Hot Dog!, etc.) and
often spends his
off hours thinking up new ones just to keep you guys busy! N3DQU is also the
chief contest manager and takes care of such things as the PSKFest (with much
appreciated help from N6YIH/7) and the Three-Day Weekend (TDW), which is
coming up this June btw. N3DQU's email address is < >.

If they are lucky, KA3X and N3DQU may see each other once a month. There
is no central database and no meetings to conduct 070 Club business. Almost
all correspondence regarding the 070 Club is passed between the two via the
internet, and each mails out the respective items that they are responsible
for to the members. For example, if a member puts in for an upgrade to the
300 QSO level and also applies for an Aloha endorsement, then the 300 spot
will be mailed out by KA3X and the Aloha endorsement will be mailed out by

For best results, please send your applications and requests to the person
responsible for that particular item. If you send a QSO upgrade to N3DQU for
example, your request has to be forwarded to KA3X and may result in a delay.
By the same token, if you send an endorsement request to KA3X, then he must
forward the information to N3DQU, once again possibly resulting in a delay.

So you can see that it is quite possible to receive your upgrades,
certificates, and endorsements all at different times, even though you had
applied for them at the same time. Also, please note that when there are many
endorsements to be sent out for 070 Club member participation in a PSK event
like the PSKFest, TDW or TARA Rumble, then the turnaround time for
certificates and endorsements will also be longer until things get caught up.

There are also two new programs sponsored by the 070 Club that are worth
mentioning here. The first is called the "Loyal Order of the Narrow-Banded
Phaseshifters" or LONP for short and is run by 070 Club member K8IJ. The
other program is of interest to those who are into the SWL part of our hobby
and is run by another 070 Club member, KF4FHS. Information on both of these
awards along with all the 070 Club information can be found up on the 070
Club website at < >.

The 070 Club is open to all amateurs interested in the PSK31 mode who are
licensed to operate on the HF bands. Operation of this awards program is made
possible thru the support of the Penn-Ohio DX Society and 070 Club members.
Thank you for your participation and enthusiasm! 73 de Jay N3DQU.

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