Re: Gloating in Alabama????


"Ain't anybody gonna gloat?"
Are you sure you aren't transplanted from down here?
Excuse me....."Ain't you from round here?"

   The band conditions, at least down here in Alabama,were dismal.Never saw any 070 ers on 80M/10M/6M.
    I worked qrp,3-5W,with the FT 817 and portable MP-1,mostly out on the patio---good test for Field Day.Did make a few off-shore contacts with PY2MJ,OK1VSL,OK1AZK,and DL2AYL,which supprised me,considering my setup.
   Family activities precluded spending as much time as I would have liked on the TDW,but had a ball working the other members.
   Would you settle for bloated?

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