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I finally worked you, but spent some time hunting.  How do you qualify as a bonus station, Steve?

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Well think I need to look at the operation here ast year got twice the qso's and spent not even half of the time on the air I did this year but I did have help being worth 100 points on each band did help here just wish I could have given away a few thousand more points whould have been nice to get the LONP for working the contest that was the goal, I don't even think I got the ones I needed to finish with what I already had.

Now that said I did have fun and enjoyed the QSO's and looking forward to next year. This year I almost even worked all the bonus stations, Well I never did see the signals from N6YIH/7. Thanks for all the points I recived I hope I am not on the bottom of the Bonus Station Group.

73's till the next one

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