Re: TDW Weekend

Don Snider

I'll be heading to my new vacation house on Chincoteague Island, VA (NA-083)
and if I can get the new crank-up tower and beam up in time I will be on the
air for TDW.

Hope to see lots of people on this weekend.




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Sent: Wednesday, May 28, 2008 6:33 PM
Subject: [070] TDW Weekend

Hi Everyone,
I just want to wish everyone Goodluck this weekend ,hopefully
Propagation will be on our side.
I have my truck loaded up with my gear ,trusty old dog(almost forgot
her food) and I am heading up to the cottage ,north of the city and
I'll be playing from there.
Hope to catch as many members as I can.
Now I just have to hope the recent storms didn't bring down my antenna!

Good luck!!


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