Re: member #

Steve W3HF

Karen -

Oops. My mistake. You really ARE listed on the dupe sheet. I don't
know how I missed it. Got to go back to second grade, maybe, for
remedial alphabetization practice.

Sorry for the confusion.

BTW, in this process, I confirmed that the dupe sheet has 215
entries. :-)


Karen -

Well, you're not listed on the dupe sheet, so maybe you didn't make
the cutoff date that Jay KA3X posted.

We'll have to see what the official PODXS boys say.


Hey all,

Can someone tell me what my 070 club member number is? I am
a member, but have not yet received my certificate in the mail. I
would like to make some contacts in the TDW contest this weekend.

Thanks - Karen W4GTM

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